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Book Review: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson


The last bit of the human race lives in underground cities on the planet Defiant. Trapped and continuously attacked by the Krell, aliens that surround their planet, humans have learned to adapt and defend their newfound home. Spensa, our main POV, wants nothing more than to become a pilot, defend her home, and be among the stars. But living under the shadow of her dead father's reputation makes it a challenging path as she tries to prove she's anything but the coward they claim her father to be.

Review (with some very minor spoilers)

I LOVED this book! I was hooked on the entire ride. I found Spensa slightly annoying at first, but that was probably intentional. By the end, I was just amazed by how much Spensa had come along. She was someone the reader would be proud to cheer on. I enjoyed reading about all the characters. It didn't feel like they were just there to help the main character and to drive the plot forward. I genuinely cared about all the individuals, each with their own struggles that they had to face throughout the story. I especially enjoyed M-bot. I love sassy AI. His (It's?) existential crisis brought up some interesting questions. What makes us human? What is a soul? I hope to see more world-building in the next book, especially the politics and power structures within their society. I'm very excited to get my hands on the next book. Will be making a trip to the library today hopefully!


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